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InTrust Fiduciary Group

From their website:

For more than 15 years, we have served two stakeholders within our client companies: those responsible for managing the retirement plan and their valued employees.

At InTrust Fiduciary Group, our mission is to help employers manage their risk in offering defined contribution plans as well as communicating the benefits of a retirement plan to employees. We provide services in all aspects of defined contribution plan management so our clients can rest easy knowing they have proper oversight and an optimized plan specific to their unique requirements.

We are a Texas-based company with a national presence. Our team is headquartered in Austin, Texas and all decisions are made locally, specific to our clients’ needs, instead of from a far-off headquarters located in a different state. We understand Texas and the needs of the Texas businesses we serve. Our success in providing the latest retirement plan solutions to our clients is recognized by national organizations in the retirement industry.