Hire Authentic People

Trust the process of Recruiting w/Results™ to emphasize the people side of sales success.

We offer two sales hiring systems that focus on attracting, hiring and onboarding a sales professional who reflects your culture, core values and work ethic. Both solutions equip you with the knowledge of who you are hiring and what you can expect from them once they become part of your team.

Recruiting w/Results™ is our sales hiring training program that teaches business owners and hiring managers to:

  • write a candidate-attracting job post
  • conduct phone screens and have fun while doing them
  • perform targeted interviews to uncover candidate capabilities
  • develop a win/win compensation plan and a gap-filled job offer
  • effectively onboard to accelerate learning curve and increase confidence

By incorporating this proprietary process, you improve the likelihood of a good sales hire and save time! For example, for one candidate going through our entire hiring process, you will spend approximately two hours with them from receiving their resume to their final interview.

We also offer a sales hiring service. If you do not have the desire or bandwidth to learn our Recruiting w/Results™ training program, we can execute part or all of the process for you. You can use our team to attract targeted candidates or we can work with your existing recruiter. We can also work with your HR department or an administrative assistant to reduce your costs while still achieving your desired results.