Case Studies

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Goal: Bixby Zane set a goal to expand into new markets. The partners needed to hire a Vice President of Sales but lacked the expertise in hiring top sales talent needed to deliver the company's desired growth. The position required someone uniquely suited to increase Bixby Zane's company value and expand the company's services into new markets.

Execution: Topaz™ strategically led the successful search and hire of a Vice President of Sales. For future hires, the new Vice President has been trained to use the Recruiting with Results™ sales hiring system.

Results: Company expansion is in progress with help from the Recruiting with Results™ system and an agreement was reached to work closely with Topaz™ to hire additional sales professionals and maintain an efficient sales system.

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Goal: The Karis Group became successful through operational excellence and set a goal to grow their healthcare services company through a culture of sales. A strategic step toward that expansion was to hire a sales and marketing executive to establish best sales practices leading to sustainable growth for the company.

Execution: Integrated the Recruiting with Results™ sales hiring system with current screening processes at the Karis Group to efficiently eliminate unqualified candidates and quickly determine the candidates who are the best fit for their company.

Results: Time and money were saved as a result in the hiring of a Vice President of Sales in a short time frame, putting The Karis Group on track with its growth plans.

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Goal: As a software provider, Vital Interaction improves the patient experience in the healthcare industry through patient portals, appointment confirmations and custom messaging. They wanted to expand their national market reach and needed a top sales performer. In the past, they hired salespeople who didn't deliver a positive ROI. They required a partner who could help the company have greater success in hiring the right salesperson.

Execution: Vital Interaction hired Topaz™ to train the hiring team with the Recruiting with Results™ sales hiring system. They implemented the process and quickly eliminated unqualified candidates and invested their time with only top performers.

Results: Based on the Recruiting with Results™ screening and interviewing tools the right candidate was given a job offer in less than two months. The system worked so well that Vital Interaction embedded the sales hiring process to use for future sales hires to better scale their business.