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Academy of Hair Design

"Topaz Sales Consulting brilliantly helped our small but mighty business take an honest look in the mirror to hone our system and sales skills. This company, unlike other cookie-cutter programs, takes the time to provide one-on-one coaching (a personal favorite of mine) as well as simple solutions to be implemented quickly and efficiently. They helped me build upon skills I’ve already been honing for years and years as well as develop new skills I did not even know I needed. Topaz has ensured myself, and my company feels confident in our ability to grow as a business.

We were initially looking for a way to shorten our long sales cycles without compromising our customer service. Jorge and his team helped us to see where our personal buying preferences and expectations get in the way of finding our prospect’s buyer preferences and expectations. I recommend this training to any growth-minded business that is willing to take that honest look in the mirror. All about positive change, this program honors both the sales associate and the prospect. Check it out; the results are worth it!"

Sheri Walsh - Enrollment Director

From their website:

The Academy of Hair Design was born out of a desire to produce industry professionals with the diverse skill set needed to create a top-notch salon experience for the citizens of Springfield, Missouri. They knew they needed employees who could design hair while providing an enjoyable customer experience.

With this fundamental truth in mind, the Academy of Hair Design promotes a student-focused approach at every level. Our expert educators, our professional support staff, and our experienced leadership is committed to the kind of quality education that leads to successful employment.