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Assessment Technologies

"Jorge has added value to our firm for several years and in several areas. He has helped us grow not only as a firm but individually. He has helped with training our sales team, creating better comp plans, recruiting and the recruiting process, as well as growth in management, just to name a few. My personal growth has been exponential. We look forward to many more years working with Jorge. Thank you Jorge!"

Robert Wiggins, Executive Vice President

p.s. Thanks for the occasional scripture...

From their website:

We assist property owners and investors by minimizing their property taxes. We are often able to recover overpayment refunds, reduce assessed values and provide savings on current and future property taxes. We are headquartered in San Antonio Texas but we provide our property tax services in virtually every state around the US.

Services we offer:

  • Monitor your property tax and assessments – Watch for long-term tax relief opportunities
  • Verify the accuracy of public records – Descriptions, classifications & exemptions
  • File appeals for tax relief – We represent you on the county and state level
  • Conduct Free property tax evaluations
  • Discovery and recovery of assets – Including duplicate and inadvertent overpayments
  • Apply for refunds from previous years – Correcting assessment, exemptions, and other errors