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Beacon Wealth Management

"I approached Topaz Sales Consulting because we had launched a new product, the Kingdom(k), which is a 401(k) plan with faith-based investing options. It was clear the product was put together with excellence and filled a great need expressed in the marketplace. We were slow to get traction, and I knew that I was the roadblock.

I would recommend Topaz Sales Consulting to people who are not getting the results they know they should be getting. Jorge will help you to overcome a variety of obstacles that salespeople face, from building rapport to learning to make the most of your time by only spending time with prospects that are a good fit for you.

Jorge and the team at Topaz Sales Consulting helped me by taking away the emotional roller coaster that can come with sales: high highs when you make a sale, and low lows when you don't close a deal. Jorge will help you see that selling is neutral - it's all about finding partners who it makes sense to do business with.

The result is that business is booming! I look forward to interacting with prospects and clients because I know by being curious and asking questions I can help people to solve their problems. I never feel pressure to close a deal because I know that if we're a good fit, the deal will close naturally.

One thing I liked was their commitment to my success. Jorge is sincerely as excited about my progress as I am!

I found the experience extremely rewarding, and Topaz is now coaching other members of my team so that we can all pursue the business that we are passionate about while serving the clients who have placed their trust in us."

Cassandra Laymon - President

From their website:

Our view of Biblically Responsible Investing has grown from merely avoiding evil to proactively seeking out investments in exemplary companies who live out the Golden Rule in their business practices and endeavor to create blessings in the world. The more we learn about God’s word, the more we have come to understand investing as a sacramental act of worship. We are now on a mission to ignite a movement of Biblically Responsible Investing!