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Caring Senior Service

“I’ve been in sales for a long time as a business owner, but I wanted to take my sales effectiveness to the next level and I wanted assistance with hiring, onboarding, and developing my salespeople. In working with Jorge, there were so many things I learned. My biggest take-aways were to neutralize my emotions when having prospect and client conversations, recognizing that I am there to gather information and learn about them. I also learned the importance of just being relaxed, listening, and asking questions to see if they need help. The training and coaching I received help me not only in my sales conversation but also with my staff. I’ve become more effective in listening to them and not allowing my emotions to take charge. Jorge has been an asset to our organization and the lessons we’ve learned will help us long into the future!”

Jane Daume, Owner

From their website:

Caring Senior Service provides superior in-home care for seniors who want to make aging in place their first choice. For 25 years they have provided affordable, non-medical senior care and safety technologies that give seniors the control needed to live healthy happy, and at home. Caring Senior Service gives seniors the ability to live independently while giving families peace of mind knowing someone is there to help with the specific needs of their senior loved one.