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"There are very few business relationships I admire like our relations with Jorge. I also rarely give testimonials. I have worked with Jorge for a few years now. I am the CEO of CosmoLex and an engineer by education. My definition of Sales changed completely since we started working with Jorge. The reason I say I value very few business relationships like with Jorge is that Jorge's methodology of human interaction has become DNA in our business mindset, be it internal interactions or external. I have personally learned so much from him.

Our Sales Team craves to interact with Jorge and comes rejuvenated after each session. In difficult situations, I often find people saying, 'What would Jorge say?' and many of them have never talked to Jorge! A class individual, a great coach, brings the best out in others and I consider him a personal friend (although I've never met him face to face)!"

Rick Kabra, CEO

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CosmoLex is cloud-based law practice management software that integrates time tracking, billing, trust & business accounting, email, calendaring, task & document management, all in one application.