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Let's Play Sports

"I approached Topaz when it became clear that the need to measure sales ability in our candidates was essential to our continued success. We wanted to speed up the time it took from receiving an application to performing a final interview as well as improve our onboarding process.

By using the Topaz sales hiring program, Metahire, my team learned how to cut our hiring time in half without sacrificing quality. Their system helped us discover key sales skills we were not previously uncovering and gave us a way to measure and hire candidates who possessed the skills required to be successful.

The result was Hiring Nirvana. I have spent 3 years studying the best hiring methodologies including those used at the CIA and I can say that Metahire is the absolute champion."

Gary Archer, President, and CEO - Let’s Play Sports

"My company, Let’s Play Sports, is participating in the Topaz Buyer Facilitator eLearning program. This unique sales training emphasizes a motivational approach I’ve been incorporating to inspire my team and help them see the importance of their own personal and professional sales training goals. As a Regional Manager, I have learned about my current leadership patterns and how to continue improving in the areas of sales, management, and my own personal and professional development. I would recommend the Topaz program to any company that possesses the desire for building quality relationships with customers and their salespeople in an encouraging environment."

Colleen Paap – Regional Manager

From their Website:

Let's Play Sports Inc. is a low-cost, owner-operator of indoor sports facilities. The sports facilities are designed and built specifically for the players.

Let's Play Sports Inc. installs the best playing state-of-the-art facilities to meet the standards of excellence demanded by the players. Let's Play Sports Inc. is dedicated to providing dependable, responsive management to operate the facilities with cost-effective services that add value to their operations and enhance the enjoyment of the people living in the communities served, while providing a reasonable return on investment to the shareholders of Let's Play Sports Inc. and their affiliate and associate companies.

Let's Play Sports Inc. currently owns and operates indoor sports facilities in Colorado, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Additional facilities are in various stages of development and/or acquisition.