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Noren Thermal Solutions

"Our company came to Texas in 2016. We attempted to find salespeople in this new market but became increasingly frustrated with our results.

At a C12 board meeting, I heard Jorge give a presentation outlining his company’s expertise. He explained the Topaz process that helps build strong companies, which included hiring sales professionals who are the right fit for your company.

We worked with Jorge and Topaz to identify the attributes and skills needed for our unique position. Topaz then provided the training, guidelines, and tools we needed to write effective job postings, conduct and evaluate interviews, track applicants, and then present relevant job offers. The process proved to be very consistent across all candidates and painless for all involved.

I appreciated the process so much that we have implemented the format for other open positions at Noren Thermal Solutions and found it to be very productive, efficient, and successful.

I highly recommend Jorge and Topaz Sales Consulting for companies looking for a sales savvy person with a well-defined hiring process to help find just the right person for their open sales positions."

Cheryl Webster – CEO

From their website:

Noren Thermal Solutions is a woman-owned company that designs industrial thermal management products and services to proactively regulate temperature. Founded in 1968, we have become a leader in providing thermal management solutions to a variety of industries and market sectors. We are committed to building a company that excels at engineering and manufacturing quality solutions for a variety of thermal challenges in an atmosphere of excellence.