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SFG Wealth Planning Services

“Jorge and his team at Topaz have provided invaluable Buyer Facilitator sales coaching and training services to our company. Despite having developed our business for over 30 plus years, I found each Topaz coaching and training session introduced to us full of new concepts and skills. We have been able to immediately apply these concepts resulting in more valuable conversations with prospects and landing new clients as a direct outcome of our training with Topaz.”

Chuck Steege, Founder - SFG Wealth Planning Services, Inc.

From their website:

Founded in 1993, we are a fee-only financial planning team dedicated to senior executives only. Our clients are decision makers whose time is their most valuable asset. They are looking to delegate aspects of their financial and tax planning activities to accelerate and protect their wealth, while they manage their careers.


  • Senior executives looking for wealth acceleration, tax management and greater efficiencies
  • Senior managers seeking out wealth accumulation, tax management, diversification, informed decision-making
  • Human resource directors in search of a financial services coaching resource to clarify executive compensation issues
  • CPAs, tax attorneys and other service providers, including record keepers, employment attorneys and outplacement firms; all professionals seeking to partner with a premier financial planning firm with an extraordinary depth of expertise in stock-based compensation issues