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"I was fortunate to meet Jorge Chavez many years ago as our company was experiencing very exciting growth and expansion. We were looking for a partner who could help us implement repeatable, best practices which ensured accountability on behalf of our new business team. After meeting Jorge and getting to know him personally, I knew that he was a person of high integrity and commitment, so we established a working relationship.

When we first began, I felt pretty good about our new business efforts and team, but I wanted to take our level of effectiveness to a higher standard. We began with an evaluation of the new business organization, systems, and processes, strategy and people. The great news was that most of our team was committed to learning and had a desire to improve their performance and results. We then worked together to implement three congruent processes: sales, sales management, and sales recruiting. As our team knew better, they did better. They developed goals, plans to achieve those goals, and daily and weekly activities (Recipe for Success) for which they were held accountable. The end result was that those who were the most committed to succeeding succeeded, and they continue to produce solid results today.

We still use many of the tenants that Jorge brought to our company, so his impact has persevered. I highly recommend Jorge as a professional of high integrity and I’m confident that Jorge’s approach will translate to any size company, and any market."

Garrett Goeters, Chief Operating Officer

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