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Southern Corrosion

"I first met Jorge at a sales workshop he was conducting for C-12 members in North Carolina. I started working with Topaz for leadership mentoring and creating a sales process to teach our sales force. Jorge's approach is very personal and has been easy to apply to our business. I have found the time spent working together is beneficial to everyone at Southern Corrosion and has resulted in greater sales, fewer proposals, and a higher close rate."

Jim Skilton - President

From their website:

Southern Corrosion, Inc. is a leader in water tank and water tower maintenance programs. Started in 1983 by Harry Skilton, Southern Corrosion now includes his son, Jim, as the owner and president as well as six family members that work for the company. Together, we have helped grow the company to be a leader in water tank maintenance programs in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the US.

Our dedication to making clients feel like family is apparent in everything we do. Southern Corrosion strives to develop long-term relationships with customers. We believe that promptly responding to customer needs, performing work with skill and expertise, and interacting with customers with honesty and integrity are crucial for success – for us and our customers.

Our family recipe for success is also about helping prolong the life of water tanks for municipalities and public water suppliers. With long-term maintenance contracts to maintain water tanks, Southern Corrosion can ensure that customers have the best ongoing service so their tanks’ quality and durability last for years to come.