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Vital Interaction

"I participated in the Topaz sales hiring program called Metahire™ and I am very satisfied with the results I have received. This program gave me valuable tools to identify the right candidates early and filter out the wrong candidates in a meaningful way. I received assistance in writing a detailed, effective job description to ensure expectations were clear on both sides when making the job offer. In addition, Metahire™ is not only a hiring system but also helps with onboarding the new hire.

In addition to the tools I have received, I felt the training was fantastic. It is a well-defined process and when we stuck to the process, we were super pleased with the results."

Hugo Diaz, Chief Interaction Officer

From their website:

Enabling medical professionals and their staff to communicate effectively, improve patient relationships, and increase practice revenue.

Vital Interaction is a software provider specialized in automating complex communication workflows. Our premier product, the Automated Patient Interaction System, enables healthcare organizations to communicate more effectively with patients using text messaging, automated voice and email.

We provide a range of interactive services that:

  • Increase practice efficiency
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Promote patient engagement
  • Improve patient satisfaction

With Vital Interaction, your practice is more effective because you can reach more patients using different technologies at different times. At the same time, you become more efficient by reducing administrative tasks and expenses, drastically reducing no-shows, rescheduling cancellations and filling open slots with a streamlined process.