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Metahire online training is the easiest, most effective way to immediately start hunting for your ideal sales hire.

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In this video series, you will learn how to market your company to sales professionals in a way to fill the top of the candidate funnel and create a large candidate pool. You’ll be taught how to implement a versatile, measurable, and repeatable process accessible to your entire hiring team. You will be able to screen sales candidates using your own, unique criteria along with our proven sales attributes to ensure the highest probability of making the right sales hire. We’ll explore many best practices in extending a solid job offer and ultimately onboarding—avoiding any confusion, ambiguity, or conflict that can arise.

When you’ve completed the series, you’ll have a customized hiring process you can implement across your organization based on YOUR criteria. This course will help you identify what works for YOU!

Metahire Sales Hiring Online Training Program

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