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Find your ideal candidate. Align with your hire purpose.

  • Customize our sales hiring process to work for YOU in attracting, screening, hiring, and onboarding your ideal candidate.

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Why Choose Metahire?

Metahire is the leading sales hiring system that equips business owners and hiring managers to attract, screen, hire, and onboard quality sales professionals. Now available on video.

Are you a privately held company doing business anywhere in the world? Do you want to get your sales hiring right? Independent of economic booms or market downturns, Metahire will give you the advantage.

How can the Metahire Sales Training program Revolutionize your hiring process?

There is no magic, one-size-fits-all hiring process. Understanding who you are as a company, what your ideal salespeople look like, and knowing how to screen for them will be the key to your hiring success.

We have developed an in-depth video program giving you the framework and the tools to help you implement a measurable, repeatable sales hiring process. You will take this training to create the sales team you want - in the way that's right for you.

Here's what you can expect

  • Engage candidates on Day One
  • Attract candidates by knowing who to look for and where to find them
  • Learn to recognize salespeople great at selling themselves, but bad at selling
  • Improve your hiring track record
  • Eliminate risks of a bad sales hire
  • Understand the best way to use recruiters
  • Feel Empowered, Encouraged, and Equipped

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Jorge Chavez is the Founder and President of Topaz Sales Consulting. He and his team have a passion for equipping CEOs and sales leadership professionals to hire, train, motivate, and grow high-performance sales teams. Jorge understands the challenges of both large enterprises as well as small entrepreneurial companies. With Jorge, you can expect 100% transparency while receiving valuable insights into your sales world through open and honest training and coaching.

Jorge has over 25 years of Sales, Sales Management and Business Ownership experience working for companies including Chevron, IBM, Adobe Systems, Portal Software (now owned by Oracle), and Allstate Insurance. His client list ranges from startups to Fortune 100 companies, including eight years of direct sales experience to Apple Computer and Microsoft. Jorge currently works directly with a significant number of clients in industries including manufacturing, construction and home, financial, technology, and business consulting services.

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How can You benefit from the Metahire Online Course?

  • Self-paced training videos
  • Teaches you how to showcase your culture
  • Fun and easy-to-follow process
  • Brings hope to your sales hiring process
  • Helps clients and candidates find their ideal fit
  • Interactive and Personal
  • Versatile, Measurable, Repeatable
  • Developed with Godly, Christian core values

Hear powerful real-life examples

Here's what the program looks like

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Instructional Video Lessons

In each high-quality video session, you'll learn from Jorge about how to attract, screen, hire, and retain top sales professionals. Each self-paced lesson in the program will offer, when applicable, bonus materials, interviews from clients who have used the system, and tools to download and begin using.

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Personalized Coaching

You have the option to schedule coaching with Jorge and his team in the best way for you. Maybe help with the job description or writing the job posting? And of course, we highly recommend using part of your included three hours of coaching to involve the Metahire team in a 60-Minute Interactive Interview.

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Pre-Hire Sales Assessments

Pre-hire sales assessments help to determine a candidate's sales potential. Not only what they can do, but what they will do once you hire them. Using a custom link designed for your company, receive access to an unlimited number of assessments for one new hire or up to 6 months, whichever comes first — an extended license for more than one hire available upon request.

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Library of Custom Hiring Tools

Quickly access over 40 Metahire tools which coincide with each video. The tools consist of worksheets, templates, and illustrations to guide you through each step in the hiring process. Other useful tools include an interactive infographic on the interview scheduling process, an onboarding accelerator, and a sales leadership starter kit.

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Subscription Access

You will have six months of access to all course videos, tools, and bonus material. You will be able to go back and rewatch lessons, share with new and existing employees involved in the hiring process or catch up if you got behind. Subscription renewal is available upon request.

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Client Interviews

Jorge spoke with people who have used Metahire training for their sales hiring needs. These clients have taken the knowledge they learned to create the sales hiring process they want. He talked to Jamie LaGarde (Sedera Health), Gary Archer (Let's Play Soccer), Joshua Seneff (Natura), and more.

How the program works

When you sign up for the course, you'll be given a user link and password to access a secure website, where you can view the course content. As you go through each lesson in our self-paced video series, you will learn the why and how of each step in the sales hiring process. Along with video instruction, you will be given access to all the hiring tools to get started hiring today.

What people are saying about the Metahire Sales Hiring System

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"Topaz Sales Consulting brilliantly helped our small but mighty business take an honest look in the mirror to hone our system and sales skills. This company, unlike other cookie-cutter programs, takes the time to provide one-on-one coaching (a personal favorite of mine) as well as simple solutions to be implemented quickly and efficiently. Topaz has ensured myself, and my company feels confident in our ability to grow as a business." Sherri Walsh - Enrollment Director

Read Testimonial

"Before we worked with Jorge and his team at Metahire, we had inconsistent sales and were struggling to grow our sales team. It was like riding an empty roller coaster. After completing Metahire training and following the process faithfully, we hired not just any sales manager, but the right sales manager. We have hit our monthly sales goals every single month since she was hired. Now we’re applying the Metahire principles to every hire we make, not just sales!" Harrison Farr - Director of Sales and Administration

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"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation of the services Topaz Sales Consulting provided our company. Jorge's expertise and knowledge were incredibly helpful in hiring our new Sales Director. His communication was organized, succinct, and relevant at all times.

I felt Topaz had our best interests at heart at all times, and were merely just an extension of our executive team. With our Sales Director in place, we are excited about working with Topaz in a more permanent role. I believe this continued relationship will ensure we have the proper sales systems in place at all times." Brad Worley - CEO

Read Testimonial

"I have been impressed with the Topaz methodology and approach -- a powerful combination of course material and discussion of real-world examples. We have used many Topaz services, including Buyer Facilitator, eLearn training, Metahire Sales Hiring, Assessments, and Coaching. Our experience with Topaz has been very positive and has unified our team around a highly effective approach. I would recommend them to any B to B business with a direct sales force." Mike Haney - CEO

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When you enroll in this course, you'll get access to all the videos, tools, and bonus materials. You will receive an unlimited number of prescreening sales assessments for one sales hire or 6 months, whichever comes first. You will receive 3 hours of live, customized coaching to use with any step in the process. We do highly recommend Topaz participation in a 60-Minute Interactive Interview with the candidate of your choosing. Start right away hunting for your ideal sales hire.

When you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a customized hiring process you can implement across your entire organization based on YOUR criteria. This course will help you identify what works for YOU!

Commonly Asked Questions

What are my hiring options?

Most companies consider one of two hiring options when making sales hires. The first is to use the same hiring process they use for any other position inside their company. Though this may seem logical and appropriate it often results in making the wrong sales hire. Salespeople are great at selling themselves and most hiring processes are ineffective at screening for true sales competencies. A second option is to use an outside recruiter. A recruiter is a great resource. They provide candidates for you to consider but you are still responsible for screening those candidates to determine whether they can be successful selling for your company and are a good cultural fit. A third option is to use Metahire. to equip yourself and your company to incorporate a sales hiring system to ensure repeatable sales hiring success.

I don’t have a budget for Metahire, what can I do?

Though you may not have a designated budget for hiring, companies spend an enormous amount of time, money and resources on ineffective salespeople. Unfortunately, most of those costs occur after making a bad sales hire. We suggest creating a budget to add a sales hiring competency to your business and start making better hires going forward.

How soon can I expect to make my next hire?

With an all-in attitude and using Metahire, You can be talking to candidates on day one. From the time you receive the resume of a top performer to extending an offer can be in as few as 3 days.

Finding an ideal candidate also depends on many factors. One big factor is your hiring criteria. If you have an extensive list of must have skills and attributes needed to be successful, few candidates will qualify and it may take longer. With the Metahire system, we challenge your list of attributes and narrow it down to the most critical skills needed saving you time and money and getting to your ideal candidate faster.

How necessary are the pre-hire sales assessments?

Pre-hire sales assessments are a critical component of the sales hiring system. They provide you invaluable insight into a candidate's sales potential. You leverage this information to improve the quality of the interview questions and quickly determine whether a candidate is a fit for your position. Without this information, your insight into a candidate's sales abilities is significantly limited.

Do I still need a recruiter?

Most of our clients successfully implement our sales hiring system without engaging a recruiting service. We empower your team to create and place an effective job posting. Then through multiple levels of screening you quickly identify your ideal sales candidates. However, a recruiter can be used to supply additional candidates to be run through the sales hiring process.

How do I access the Metahire training videos and tools?

You and designated members of your hiring team will be given a unique link to access a training video webpage. A password will also be provided to view the individual videos and bonus materials. The access to the Metahire tools will be made available through Dropbox.

How do I schedule a coaching call?

Your Metahire, six-month subscription, comes with three hours of coaching. To schedule your time, use the form at the bottom of your training videos webpage to start the scheduling process. Our team will coordinate scheduling times and calendar invites. Additional coaching hours can also be purchased using this form.

What if I have questions while going through the program?

There are several ways to have your questions answered. We will respond within one business day.

  1. The quickest way is to use the form at the bottom of your video webpage.
  2. You can also call our office at (512) 419-4105, extension 2,
  3. Reach out to us at admin@topazsalesconsulting.com.

How many of my coworkers have access to Metahire?

During your subscription, the Metahire Sales Hiring video series is available to anyone in your company you believe needs to be involved and trained on our hiring process. It is prohibited to share the link and password with anyone who is not an employee of your company.

Still Have Questions?

  • The happiest and most successful people are those who have harnessed the power of this sales hiring process to their company’s benefit. And, they are using it to their advantage to create a solid sales team.