• The Leading Sales Hiring System
  • that aligns businesses with their hire purpose.

Areas of Expertise

Metahire equips business owners and hiring managers to attract, screen, hire and retain top performing salespeople.


Job Description

Discover and clearly define your ideal candidate.


Job Posting

Engage the ideal candidate that aligns with your company’s culture and core values.



The right candidate will rise to the top as you quickly eliminate unqualified applicants.


Extend the Offer

Extending a solid job offer sets clear expectations right from the start.



Accelerate your new hire’s ability to be a successful member of your team.


Metahire Difference

Through this versatile, measurable, and repeatable process you will bring hope to your hiring process.

Metahire is a proprietary system developed to provide the tools and processes needed to find your next top performing sales professional.

The result will save you time and money while empowering you with complete control over the hiring process.

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The Metahire™ Difference

  • Brings hope to the hiring process

  • Teaches businesses how to showcase their culture

  • Helps clients and candidates find their ideal fit

  • Our clients feel loved, inspired and valued

  • Fun and easy-to-follow process

  • Interactive and Personal

  • Versatile, Measurable, Repeatable

  • Developed with Godly, Christian core values

Aligning your business with a Hire purpose in as soon as 3 Days

  • Cheryl Webster – CEO, Noren Products

    Cheryl Webster – CEO, Noren Products

    "Noren Products came to Texas in 2016. As we attempted to find sales people in this new market we became increasingly frustrated with our results. We worked with Metahire to help us identify the attributes and skills needed for our unique position. They provided the training, guidelines, and tools we needed to write effective job postings, conduct and evaluate interviews, track applicants and then present relevant job offers. The process proved to be very consistent across all candidates and painless for all involved. I appreciated the process so much that we have implemented the format for other open positions within our company and found it to be very productive, efficient, and successful."

  • Gary Archer – President and CEO, Let’s Play Sports

    Gary Archer – President and CEO, Let’s Play Sports

    I approached Topaz when it became clear that the need to measure sales ability in our candidates was essential to our continued success. We wanted to speed up the time it took from receiving an application to performing a final interview as well as improve our onboarding process. By using the Topaz sales hiring program, Metahire, my team learned how to cut our hiring time in half without sacrificing quality. Their system helped us discover key sales skills we were not previously uncovering and gave us a way to measure and hire candidates who possessed the skills required to be successful. The result was Hiring Nirvana. I have spent 3 years studying the best hiring methodologies including those used at the CIA and I can say that Metahire is the absolute champion.

  • Colter Kaspar, Owner,  Kormachine

    Colter Kaspar, Owner, Kormachine

    At Kormachine, we were looking for an Administrative Assistant who reflected our company values. Finding the right person in a timely manner was critical to our continued success. We chose to work with Topaz Sales Consulting based on their company values and the quality of their team. We believed in their hiring system and followed their lead throughout the engagement. Within 2 weeks we found the ideal candidate for our team using a process that was simple, quick and effective. Jorge and his team took the time necessary to build a personal relationship with my team resulting in a great hire. I would recommend Topaz to anyone who wants service beyond expectations and has a desire to get hiring right the first time.