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Listen to Jorge Chavez share his insights on best practices for onboarding your new sales hire.

To fully embrace or internalize the concept of go for the no, it is important to understand the alternative. A traditional salesperson goes for the yes and behaves like this:

  • Talking, telling and manipulating
  • Asking leading questions
  • Goal is to get the buyer to say yes
  • Selectively listening to the statements and words they want to hear (i.e., I’m interested in your product)
  • Pressuring prospects to buy

If prospects buy from people they trust, how do you believe the behaviors listed above impact the trust you...


As business owners we have periods of great success and deserve to pat ourselves on the back. However, during a company downturn when we start to miss sales targets, are we as quick to hold ourselves accountable and responsible, or do we blame our salespeople, sales managers, competition or the economy? While working with companies and business owners throughout my career I see a common theme of those who are successful versus those who consistently miss their targets.

Who is ultimately responsible for achieving revenue goals?

Owners who...


If Chief Welcoming Officer (CWO) is in your job description then do we have a blog post for you. You may already have a new hire packet for your business and that would solidify the reason you're the CWO. If you don't currently have such a thing you may be asking, "what can a new hire packet do for my business?" A well-designed packet sets the tone for an organized and welcoming start to a successful collaboration. As a hiring manager, it's your job to make sure your new hire packets are legally compliant and give new employees the right impression.

So what goes into a good new...


Are you faced with the challenges of hiring sales people for your small business? If so, as you embark on that adventure, ask yourself these questions:

Why would a top performer want to work at your company?

What differentiates you or sets you apart from other companies going after that same sales talent?

As you think about the answers to these question, let’s review some very real challenges that smaller companies face. They include:

1. Limited resources to attract, screen and onboard a sales person.

2. Unrecognizable name or...


Have you ever had a time when you believed you had found the perfect sales candidate? The one that told you everything you wanted to hear? They had industry experience, a full rolodex, client knowledge, and they had a track record of success. You may have thought to yourself… “It’s a miracle, a pure stroke of good luck.” You wanted to believe they were going to take your company’s sales and profits to the next level.

Then, not long after you hired them, you didn’t see them generating any new sales, you were not being introduced to any of their former clients or new...


The daunting task of searching for a new salesperson begins with understanding your company culture and communicating it in your job posting. When you go to a job recruitment site like Indeed or Zip Recruiter and do a search on Sales or Sales Representative, what type of job postings do you see? Do you notice how similar they all look? Does it look like one of yours? Most job postings do a heavy amount of telling and educating about the company, the position, the requirements, and expected compensation/benefits available at their company. When...


I’d like to address this blog to those job seekers looking for their next sales challenge. (For the rest of you who hire sales people, watch for these mistakes and proceed with caution.)

You’ve applied to many places and you’ve finally been accepted for that job interview you’ve been waiting for. Be aware of these 5 interview mistakes made far too often by sales candidates.

Mistake #1: You don’t really know what you want to do in your next sales role. How can a hiring manager determine if you are a fit for their position or their company if you don’t know what you...


We all agree that a lot of mistakes get made by owners when hiring sales people. These mistakes often begin when developing the job description and trying to identify the key attributes that a sales professional must have in order to be successful in your company.

What do you believe are the attributes of a top sales producer? Do they require industry knowledge, product knowledge, client knowledge, a large Rolodex? Do you know anyone in your company or your industry who has all of the above listed attributes yet is unsuccessful in sales? Why is that? Might it be that there are...


In my experience working with Business Owners, I have noticed that across the board Owners waste enormous amounts of time, resources and money hiring the wrong people. Countless studies have also been conducted on the cost of a bad hire, and in no other department is the cost higher than in Sales. When you include the lost costs of recruiting, onboarding, training, compensation, benefits, the value of your time and, most importantly the lost sales that go to your competitor, you quickly realize that hiring the wrong sales people can be costly. Astoundingly, businesses continue with...


Extend the Offer

Hear Jorge Chavez explain how to appropriately and effectively extend a job offer to a new sales hire.