Go For the No

To fully embrace or internalize the concept of go for the no, it is important to understand the alternative. A traditional salesperson goes for the yes and behaves like this:

  • Talking, telling and manipulating
  • Asking leading questions
  • Goal is to get the buyer to say yes
  • Selectively listening to the statements and words they want to hear (i.e., I’m interested in your product)
  • Pressuring prospects to buy

If prospects buy from people they trust, how do you believe the behaviors listed above impact the trust you are trying to develop with your prospect? The reality is that all of these behaviors hurt your trust and cause prospects to lie, avoid you and become defensive eventually resulting in them telling you they want to Think it Over.

In contrast, I have been working with Topaz clients on the sales concept of “Go for the No”. I realize this may seem counter intuitive. Let me explain why it works:

  • Upfront in the conversation you give the prospect permission to tell you no taking a huge amount of pressure off of the conversation and relationship.
  • To save time and uncover obstacles, you are looking for reasons it doesn’t make sense to do business together versus reasons it does.
  • While being 100% present in the conversation, you are listening for issues and concerns rather than listening for buy signals.
  • You bring a refreshing and differentiated approach while your competitors do all they can to pressure prospects to say yes.

In a relationship based on trust, your prospects are much more likely to be open and honest with you. They will answer your questions, saving you and your prospect time and ultimately getting better sales results.

Bring this concept into your next team meeting and encourage your people to use this approach. Then watch the positive transformation of your client relationships.