Hire Like a Boss

In my experience working with Business Owners, I have noticed that across the board Owners waste enormous amounts of time, resources and money hiring the wrong people. Countless studies have also been conducted on the cost of a bad hire, and in no other department is the cost higher than in Sales. When you include the lost costs of recruiting, onboarding, training, compensation, benefits, the value of your time and, most importantly the lost sales that go to your competitor, you quickly realize that hiring the wrong sales people can be costly. Astoundingly, businesses continue with unproductive hiring practices even with this knowledge.

Rest assured, if you are one of these Business Owners, you are in the majority. We have all done it at one point in our career or another. So why do Business Owners spend so much time and money hiring the wrong people? There are several reasons.

1. Fear of the Unknown

With change comes uncertainty and risk leading Business Owners and Hiring Managers to continue to do what they have always done. We all know the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. On the other hand, top performing companies are more afraid of failing by repeating the same process and therefore are more willing to fail trying something new.

2. Businesses Struggle to Hire Successful Sales People

They use the same hiring process that they use to fill other positions in the company to hire Sales People. Unfortunately, this method does not work. Attracting and retaining top sales professionals requires its own unique recruiting and onboarding process. Most companies use subjective methods looking at the quality of a candidate’s resume, past earnings, industry experience, product knowledge and their Rolodex believing that this past experience will lead to future success.

3. Interviewers Fall Back on Commonalities

Without a proven hiring process, an interviewer will struggle and eventually look for things that they have in common with the applicant and if they like them, they hire them.

Does this sound like your recruiting process? Are you falling short of the results you are expecting? If you said yes to either of these questions, I invite you to watch a short explainer video of an empowering sales hiring system called Metahire offered by Topaz Sales Consulting.