Hiring Challenges for Small Companies

Are you faced with the challenges of hiring sales people for your small business? If so, as you embark on that adventure, ask yourself these questions:

Why would a top performer want to work at your company?

What differentiates you or sets you apart from other companies going after that same sales talent?

As you think about the answers to these question, let’s review some very real challenges that smaller companies face. They include:

1. Limited resources to attract, screen and onboard a sales person.

2. Unrecognizable name or brand recognition.

3. Limited or no benefits.

4. Smaller salaries when compared to those of larger companies.

5. Making a hiring mistake may not only be costly, it could put them out of business.

Though these challenges may feel daunting, there are also benefits to being a smaller company. Smaller companies are nimble and can turn on a dime, their employees are big fish in a small pond and they can have a bigger impact on the success of the organization.

To truly differentiate yourself and compete for top sales talent against not only your smaller rivals, but also larger companies, you may do some or all of the following:

1. Clearly define the most critical skills needed to be successful in the position.

2. Write a differentiate job posting that sets you apart from the rest of your competitors.

3. Develop and execute a recruiting process that is different than all of your competitors. Most companies use a subjective hiring process. You want to make your process more objective and behavioral.

4. Provide an effective onboarding program to accelerate their ramp up.

5. Offer recurrent sales training and coaching to quickly close any gaps you discovered during the hiring process.

6. Create a culture of accountability by not tolerating excuses and accepting mediocrity.

For small companies, hiring the right sales people is an extremely important factor in running the business. With just a few steps this process can be made much more efficient and reliable, saving owners’ precious time and money. If you would like to discuss your strategy to solidly position yourself against both smaller and larger counterparts when going after top sales talent, please email me and let’s have a conversation.