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Feel pressured about not hiring great salespeople? You don't have to feel this way. Your current process may leave you feeling like you hire by chance. No business should have to roll the dice. Your stakeholders deserve a high performing sales team and you can give it to them.


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What the Course Looks Like

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Instructional Lessons

In each high-impact session, you'll learn how to attract, screen, hire, and retain top sales professionals. Each self-paced lesson in the course will offer, when applicable, bonus materials and tools to download and begin using.

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Personalized Coaching

You have the option to schedule coaching with the Metahire® team in the best way for you. Maybe help with the job description or writing the job posting? And of course, we highly recommend taking advantage of involving the Metahire team in a 60-Minute Interactive Interview.

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Pre-Hire Sales Assessments

Pre-hire sales assessments help to determine a candidate's sales potential. Not only what they can do, but what they will do once you hire them. Using a custom link designed for your company, receive access to an unlimited number of assessments for one new hire or up to 6 months, whichever comes first — an extended license for more than one hire is available upon request.

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Proprietary Metahire Process

An easy-to-follow sales hiring process designed to successfully attract and grow top-performing sales teams. Our repeatable, measurable, and versatile process aligns companies with ideal candidates and accelerates the onboarding process.

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Library of Custom Hiring Tools

Quickly access over 40 Metahire® tools which coincide with each video. The tools consist of worksheets, templates, and illustrations to guide you through each step in the hiring process including an onboarding accelerator and a sales leadership starter kit.

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Subscription Access

You will have up to twelve months of access to all course material. You will be able to go back and review lessons, share with new and existing employees enrolled in the course or catch up if you get behind. Subscription renewal is available upon request.

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  • The happiest and most successful people are those who have harnessed the power of this sales hiring process to their company’s benefit. And, they are using it to their advantage to create a solid sales team.