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Buyer Facilitator Blended Learning

Right Thinking. Right Behavior.

  • Transforming the mindset of a Traditional Salesperson into a


Effectively Guiding the Buying Process

Most salespeople are not living up to their full sales potential. And, most CEOs agree with that! Do You?

Many salespeople do not sell enough to pay for themselves. Are you experiencing this? It doesn't have to be this way. Equip your sales team with an empowered belief system and an optimized sales process to consistently exceed sales goals.

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What the Program Includes


Instructional Lessons

Each high-impact session will challenge your beliefs about your role as a sales professional, the buyer's role, and the purpose of each conversation.

Self-paced video training combined with personalized live coaching will set your team up for consistent sales success.

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Personalized Coaching

  • One on one or group coaching that reinforces and ensures the understanding of the content by addressing questions about training materials and tools.
  • Real-time application of the training to each participant's sales challenges and opportunities.
  • Sales specific exercises and role practice to reinforce learning.
  • Debriefing current opportunities to ensure the participants are learning the right lessons.
  • Preparing for upcoming prospect and client meetings.


Sales evaluations used to determine your full sales potential while uncovering skills and strengths, and hidden weaknesses and blindspots.

Improve your communication effectiveness with DISC. This assessment is used to learn how you communicate and how others perceive you.

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Proprietary Buyer Facilitator System

An easy-to-follow sales program designed to:

  • Understand and execute a time-tested, proven buyer facilitation philosophy and process
  • Identify and eliminate negative self-talk, replacing it with an empowering belief system
  • Improve your communication effectiveness allowing you to quickly become the trusted advisor
  • Identify who makes buying decisions, how decisions are made and why someone would select you versus your competitors
  • Become more effective at prospecting and getting referrals
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Exclusive Workbook and Tools

Quickly download the Buyer Facilitator workbook to follow along with the training program. 10+ tools are included in the program to include a Commitment Tracker, Personal Development Plan (goal setting), and a Recipe for Success (defines daily and weekly activity), and many more.

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How it Works

  • Utilize the stand-alone, self-paced video training
  • Combine self-paced with live coaching for a customized program to meet your needs and timelines.

You will have up to twelve months of access to all course material. You will be able to go back and review lessons, refresh newly learned skills, and continue to grow your sales. Continue to renew your subscription and receive updates and enhancements to the program.

"If I had known there was an organization that used a sales process like Buyer Facilitator, I would have gotten into sales a long time ago. It fits my mindset and beliefs, it is all about relationships, my goal is to get to a no. Sales in the past where I worked, it was transactional. It was all about overcoming obstacles. Topaz is turning people into salespeople who were not originally salespeople."

Trent Turner - Bridgepoint Consulting

Invite Us to Your Next Event

Sales Workshops and Off Sites

Invite Topaz to facilitate a Sales Workshop or be a speaker, either virtual or in person, for your organization. You work with us to choose a topic custom-tailored to your event. You can also choose from the list below, or decide on a blending of the two. Jorge's down to earth, and no-nonsense approach will leave everyone with invaluable takeaways and motivation to improve their sales skills.

  • Creating an Empowered Sales Mindset
  • Buyer Facilitation Philosophy and Process
  • Developing Sales Goals and a Plan to Achieve Them
  • Prospecting Skills and Role Practice
  • Developing Pain Discovery Questions
  • Effectively Handling Stalls, Put-Offs and Think it Overs
  • Improving Communication Effectiveness using DISC
More Details

Jake Preston - Sale Intern

"I wanted to thank you for spending time with the BWC team yesterday. I feel like I learned more valuable information in that span of three hours than any class I could have taken at Liberty over the past four years. Your advice on building relationships, asking probing questions, being infinitely curious, and deciphering whether a prospect is actually a good fit for the advisor is extremely applicable aspects of financial planning that I would be wise to apply as I begin in this business. I’m also grateful that you share our faith and work to make that the foundation of your business.

I look forward to getting to know you better in the future and greatly appreciate being included in the workshop."

Steve Van Ooteghem, Managing Chair - The C12 Group

Mike Stanley - Managing Chair

Jorge, you set a high bar! I just received your note and gift card in the mail. This seems backwards--I am the one that owes you the thank you. Your presentation at C12 Current '19 and YOU were invaluable! We'll have to see what God chooses to do here in Phoenix, but there is no doubt in my mind that my contribution to the effort will be infinitely more effective thanks to you.

Burney Carraway - President

My team had a great day with Jorge at the Sales Boot Camp. At our company, my son is 24 and Joe is 63 while the rest of us fall somewhere in between. We all took home beneficial pieces that we can use in the field. Joe shared that this was in the top 3 training classes he has attended and Joe is a 35 year veteran of our industry.

  • With this proven process on how to approach a Prospect or Client, the most effective salespeople help them discover their needs, urgency, timeline, and decision process. Ultimately optimizing time spent together and growing sales exponentially.