Create the Business You Imagined

Through mentoring, training and coaching we will work together to equip your people with the tools and processes needed to create trusting relationships and profitable results.

Buyer Facilitator Training

The purpose of this program is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to grow your sales and profits while improving your time effectiveness. Throughout this program, you will learn how to develop stronger communication skills, quickly establish long-term relationships based on trust and become more effective getting your Prospects to make decisions. Upon completion of this program, you will be equipped with the foundation of one of the most effective, customer-centric buyer facilitation systems.

In this program, we replace the term Traditional Salesperson with Buyer Facilitator. This is not simply a change in the title, but rather a completely different belief system on how to approach the Prospect. The Traditional Salesperson tries to convince, sell, overcome objections and close sales. On the other hand, a Buyer Facilitator helps their Prospects and Clients discover their needs, urgency, timeline and decision process. This transforms not only how you behave, but what you believe.

Advanced Buyer Facilitator Training and Coaching

Once you complete the Buyer Facilitator Training, you can then participate in our Advanced program. In a peer group setting, these interactive sessions will expand your knowledge by applying your previous training to your current sales environment. We will continue to introduce new tools as we delve into your biggest sales challenges and opportunities, developing strategies and tactics that you can apply with your prospects and clients. This is an ongoing program following our belief that sales is a profession and like a top athlete or musician, you never stop practicing and you always strive for continuous improvement.

Sales Manager Training and Coaching

Participants in this program consist of a small group of committed individuals that fulfill the sales management role at their respective companies. Interactive meetings are highly structured with the purpose of improving sales management effectiveness, accelerating revenue and profit and guiding the growth of a five star sales organization. This program not only encompasses sales training, development and peer learning, but also includes private one-on-one coaching. Private sessions focus on accountability, time management and company-specific strategy and tactics.