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Topaz Sales Consulting operates with the mission of mentoring and equipping business owners and their sales teams in building revenue generating machines! We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs who are striving to deliver organization and follow through while bringing consistency and predictability to their sales.

The Topaz Team consists of a dynamic, heart felt staff with a passion for helping individuals and companies pursue their visions and goals.

Steve Van Ooteghem, Managing Chair - The C12 Group

C12 Group Leadership Series

September 6, 2019 7:15am - 8:45am

Solving the Sales Hiring Conundrum

So many leaders are stuck and frustrated with bad sales hires. Their company’s current hiring process is ineffective at hiring top-performing salespeople. But why?

Join local CEOs and Business Owners as C12 Group Member, Jorge Chavez, Founder & President of Topaz Sales Consulting, helps you with this conundrum. During this leadership series, attendees will discover:

  • How to use the right sales hiring selection criteria
  • Understanding the sales mindset and how to best screen for top skills
  • How bad sales hires impact your business

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Jorge Chavez

Jorge Chavez draws on his over 25 years of sales experience to present sales concepts in a simple, understandable way that excites, energizes, and truly engages. He understands the value of sharing information openly, transparently, and generously. Confidence in knowing what he trains and implements works, Jorge uses his dynamic, engaging personality to make any leadership conference or sales event a success.