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Topaz Sales Consulting operates with the mission of mentoring and equipping business owners and their sales teams in building revenue generating machines! We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs who are striving to deliver organization and follow through while bringing consistency and predictability to their sales.

The Topaz Team consists of a dynamic, heart felt staff with a passion for helping individuals and companies pursue their visions and goals.

C12 Group

May 1, 2019 9am - May 3, 2019 5pm

Connect. Engage. Advance.

Join the largest gathering of Christian CEOs, Business Owners, and Executives at the C12 Group CURRENT 2019 Marketplace Leader Conference.

While at the conference, don't miss Jorge at his breakout session entitled: Screening for the Right Sales Team for Faster Growth

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  1. Is your current hiring process effective at hiring top...
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June 7, 2019 10am - 11:30am

A&A Conference

Jorge Chavez, President of Topaz Sales Consulting, will be discussing a sales topic relevant to the current selling environment. He will provide insight and useful tips to help you better communicate with your prospects and clients.

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Jorge Chavez draws on his over 25 years of sales experience to present sales concepts in a simple, understandable way that excites, energizes, and truly engages. He understands the value of sharing information openly, transparently, and generously. Confidence in knowing what he trains and implements works, Jorge uses his dynamic, engaging personality to make any leadership conference or sales event a success.

Troy Blackmon, VP of Field Operations - The C12 Group

Thanks again Jorge for your participation last week in Dallas... your session was a hit! I look forward to more, and let's for sure get some mountain biking on the calendar!

Burney Carraway, President - Carraway Office Solutions

My team had a great day with Jorge at the Sales Boot Camp. At our company, my son is 24 and Joe is 63 while the rest of us fall somewhere in between. We all took home beneficial pieces that we can use in the field. Joe shared that this was in the top 3 training classes he has attended and Joe is a 35 year veteran of our industry.

Nestor Fesas, Director - The Athens Group

Tony Tibbit, Field Consultant - The C12 Group

Thanks for providing discussion full of relevant and impactful content. We look forward to seeing this lived out in the day-to-day and grow our marketplace ministry impact. Also, for a strengthening partnership with Topaz.